The Incredible Continental Wallet With Matching Gucci Handbags!

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Ladies, take a long look at the Gucci Continental wallet in black- a brilliant little accessory that’s tailor made for a sophisticated evening soiree. But even if you’re like me and your partying is somewhat… unsophisticated, this is still a wonderfully versatile wallet you can tuck into your favorite Gucci handbags when you hit the town!

Replica Gucci Continental Leather Wallet with Trademark Engraved Metal Plate Black

The web detail you recognize from so many classic Gucci handbags is delicately embossed into the supple black leather of the Continental, which is offset by the gorgeous engraved metal plate. This little wallet boasts a surprising amount of real estate too – open it up and you’ll find two separate compartments divided by a zippered pouch in the middle.

Although these accessories are designed for the super rich, there are fabulous replicas for the rest of us! I spotted these replica handbags over here, and they look pretty good. The video lets you get up close and personal with these little wonders and really helps you get an idea of the quality of the leather. They also have the matching replica handbags if you’re so inclined…

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