Check Out Christian Louboutin’s Fall 2014 Shoes, Including His Tallest Single-Sole Heel Ever

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Christian Louboutin is back with even more of what his fans love for Fall 2014 – not only does the collection feature an expansion of Spring 2014′s new Apostrophe heel, but it also includes the brand’s tallest single-sole pump ever at a whopping 130mm. Louboutin heels are some of the sexiest and most recognizable heels on the market, and not just for their red soles, but also for their steep pitches.

The Christian Louboutin Allenissima Slingbacks are Louboutin’s tallest single sole heels, coming in at a staggering 130mm, or more than five inches, taller than even the vertiginous So Kate pumps, which are 120mm. Interestingly, this heel makes its debut on an open-toed slingback instead of a traditional pump; it’s possible that Louboutin is trying to make slingbacks the next big shoe trend, and I’m sure this heel will win over the hearts of loyal Louboutin owners.

The Apostrophe Heel, which debuted for Spring 2014, gets a significant expansion to new designs for fall. This heel is designed to have Louboutin’s iconic red sole spill over onto the sides of the heel, making the shoe recognizable in profile, as well as from the rear. It’s a favorite among the TalkShoes staff and sure to become one of the brand’s signature details.

Look through the gallery below to see all the shoes from the Fall 2014 collection.

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