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Looks like Dior is flying high with its latest Dior Connect Bag. We’ve featured the Dior Connect Tote a few days back and we know that it’s a must fashion staple but we’re giving you another twist to this bag obsession for the Dior Connect also comes in a duffel bag! Yes, you read that one right there.

First off, the Dior Connect Tote Bag is making a great connection among the bag fanatics for it looks refreshingly new. Yes, it’s like a breath of fresh air and might be the newest summer bag of 2016. It is an open tote bag that also includes a small pouch which is perfect for stowing your makeup essentials.

The Dior Connect Duffel Bag on the other hand is a cute bag to own! It looks compact enough to hold your daily essentials.

And oh, did we mention that both bags are made of thick leather with suede interior? Wait, they also feature the most coveted DIOR charms.

The tote bag is priced $4300 USD while the duffel bag is priced $3700 USD via Dior boutique.

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