Sofia Vergara Wears Suitably Sexy Louboutins

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Sofia Vergara Decorapump Platforms

Sofia Vergara is rarely seen in public without a pair of sexy pumps. If Vergara is breathing oxygen and within 100 yards of a working camera, odds are she’s probably also wearing a sky-high pair of designer heels like these crystal-studded Christian Louboutin Decorapump Platforms. Sofia donned these at the premiere of Fading Gigolo in NYC. The Decoras were a seasonal offering from Louboutin and are no longer available. However, they’re built on the Daffodile base, so if you love the silhouette of these heels, you can find a pair of leather Daffodiles.

Fading Gigolo is a John Turturro-directed film that stars Woody Allen as an accidental pimp. I feel that’s really all any one needs to know about this film, but I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that Sofia Vergara plays a woman who arranges a menage with the gigolo in question and her gal pal, played by Sharon Stone. Scintillating.

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