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Things couldn’t get any better and bigger when it comes to the Diorama Club Bag. 2016 is just the start of surprises and all we could definitely do is to sit back, relax and wait in anticipation as Dior is not changing plans to backtrack and concede defeat not now that its Diorama bag collection is making a big hit in the fashion industry. Say hello to this beauty, the newest Diorama Satchel Bag that looks glitzy and glamorous.

Well everybody, meet the Diorama Satchel Bag. Now stay still, keep calm and stop yourself from hyperventilating though we couldn’t help but keep our Wow’s and OMG’s to ourselves when we laid eyes upon this precious Diorama bag.

Let’s get into the details. The Diorama Bag revisited in satchel-style with its double gusset and new adjustable strap. It’s a great casual chic bag.

Crafted from deerskin (both durable and smooth), these bags are refined in silver or golden hardware, depending on the color of the bag. You can get the Diorama Satchel Bag in single colors or in luxurious prints like the beige and blue Dior print or burgundy pony-effect with calfskin.

Measuring 27.5 x 20 x 9 cm, the single colors are priced at £2500 GBP via Dior boutique.

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Dior Diorama

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dior_ss15-diorama1It’s early days yet before the full collection arrives in Singapore, but because it’s my job to keep you as updated as possible as far as new bags are concerned, here’s your quick run-down of Dior’s newest addition, the Diorama.

dior_ss15-diorama3While there are no prizes for guessing what this bag most resembles at first glance, it does have enough merit to warrant it the title of the next ‘it’ bag despite its looks. Having had my way with her one afternoon where she was subjected to all my whims and fancies, I can safely say this. Besides being remarkably lightweight even though it’s full leather, it’s as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, superbly finished with everything you need most in a bag’s interior including a roomy main compartment and a zipped patch pocket.

dior_ss15-diorama2Besides the ones that comes ornately finished with all manner of decoration and embroidery, there are also elegant pieces that let the leather speak for itself like this grained leather beauty in Deep Green that would be quite perfect for work or play.

Available in 2 sizes (Regular, 25 cm by 15.5 cm, Large, 29 cm by 18 cm), you’ll be seeing more colours and variations in the coming weeks, but the best reason for checking out the Diorama for yourself could be this. Prices start from just SGD4200for the one in plain calfskin which also makes it way more affordable than the bag we were comparing it with earlier, which is always a good thing.

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