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The Hermes Evelyne Bag is a very famous bag from one of the world’s luxurious fashion brands and no wonder we are seeing newer, better, and improved version of it. This time around, bag lovers will be delighted with this new bag in town, introducing the Hermes Evelyne Diamond H Bag.

As you can see the new one has the Diamond H logo instead of the perforated H logo which we are all familiar with. Comparing the bags side by side, the newest and enhanced version has a modern and smoother design. It is also undeniable that the newer covetable cross body bag is sleeker and stylish. The front straps are different as well as the old Evelyne Bag sports a thicker shoulder strap while the Evelyne Diamond H Bag has a thinner adjustable shoulder strap.

Zooming in, you’ll also notice that the bag is made from Hunter cowhide leather, has a palladium-plated silver hardware, and features a leather flap and press-stud. It also has a flat outer back pocket for organization.

Measuring 33 x 31 x 8 (L x H x D) cm and is priced at €3550 euro, £3090 GBP via Hermes boutiques.



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Shopper: James
Store Location: Canada

Hermes Constance Compact Wallet: $3975 CAD
Hermes Victoria Bag: $5480 CAD

The Hermes Constance Compact Wallet is difficult to get, it’s as difficult as the Constance Bag. This wallet was made available for James after a customer changed her mind. The Hermes Constance Compact Wallet is made in Bulter Leather with golden hardware. This leather is very soft and delicate, the quality is great. To give you an estimation, it’s very close to the Barenia Leather but softer.




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The Hermes Egee Clutch, released in 2011. If you’re a regular Hermes shopper, then you must have seen this design many times.

This clutch bag is special, because part of the design features the Chaine d’ Ancre, which is an iconic symbol of the House since 1938. This idea came from Robert Dumas-Hermes, who took control of Hermes in 1951. He was inspired by the Shipyard of Normandy and amazed with the anchors of large naval vessels.

With such a historical piece at hand, stealing the spotlight is a piece of cake, don’t you think?

Kitmin is the proud owner of the Hermes Egee Clutch, the price was $4525 USD. Thanks for sharing the image and congrats with your new purchase!

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Hermès Curiosite Leather Bracelet Cuff

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If you have been saving for the Passant long wallet from Hermès I just covered a couple of days ago, here’s something else for you to lust over. Also by Hermes but I’m thinking it’s something that hasn’t quite hit our shores yet, here’s the Curiosite Leather Bracelet Cuff, a new addition to the French luxury house’s repertoire of leather jewellery.

So what’s so different about this one? Well, to be honest, not much really, save for the addition of the hanging charms that come with each bracelet. One’s a horn, the other, a lantern (is there some hidden meaning here?) that I’m assuming can be removed as and when you like. Made of palladium-plated hardware for the ones in ‘silver’, to permabrass for the ones in ‘gold’, the charms aren’t tiny tiny either; they average about 3.5 cm in length, which is quite substantial to say the least.


Besides Epsom calfskin, you’ll also find the Curiosite in Barenia calfskin, which I’ve placed together side by side for easy comparison. I’m biased towards Epsom (shown right), but for those who prefer their leather cuffs lush and smooth, Barenia (shown left) is the one for you. Now for the prices. They are retailing for USD715 for the ones that come with two charms, and just USD570 for the ones that come with a single charm, which will be the one which comes with the lantern. It also looks to come in only a single size, and once I get any more information, there will be more updates.

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Hermes Moves the Blind Stamp

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Back in January of this year we reported that Hermes changed the location of their blind stamp (read: Where’s the H Stamp Gone?). 

To review: the blind stamp is a marker or stamped imprint that indicates the year of production, details about the actual craftsperson that put your treasure together, and in the case of exotics, the specific type of skin. This collection of information is loosely considered the authenticity stamp, but the markings alone cannot validate the authenticity of a handbag.

While the type of information included has evolved over time, since 1945, the stamps have been on the inside of the sangles. Today both the markings and placement have changed.

But we’ve never been sure if the change was a universal shift across allstyles. From what we’ve gathered, the change first occurred on exotic bags approximately two years ago. In January, when I brought home my Plomb Birkin from the mothership in Paris, we learned the change had spread to leather bags too (read: Part IV: PurseBop’s Score at Hermès Faubourg Saint- Honoré).

We’ve decided to investigate if the change applied to the Kelly bags too.  We reached out to a few members in our community lucky enough to score the elusive Kelly both here in the US and in France over the last few months.


FullSizeRender 97
FullSizeRender 96

Yes! The blind stamp has indeed moved on the Kelly bags, from the reverse side of the sangles (straps), (read: Hermes Birkin vs. Kelly 101 to learn the anatomy of a H bags) to a hidden spot deep in the leather creases of the bag. It is possible that the old placement is still phasing out, since @by_md purchased two Kelly bags this year, each with different placements.






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Hermes Apple Watch receives four new band colors, sold separately

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The idea of standalone bands, available as accessories to the Apple Watch is an interesting proposition. It extends the limits and usage of the Apple Watch by catering to wider demands. The Hermes bands will start from $340 for the 38 mm and the 42 mm Single Tour versions. The Double Tour version on the other hand will cost $490 for straps available in the regular and long size variations. The large 42 mm Cuff design will retail for $690 but will only be available in the deer brown shade.

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