Chanel Bull Phone Holder

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CHANEL’s first move of blending fashion with technology started with the ‘Phone Holders’, released during the Spring Summer 2014 Pre-Collection. They appeared to be mini shoulder bags (for cross body) on the catwalk, but they were not. In fact, the size was perfect for your Samsung S4 and iPhone 4, and they came with a lot of different color, shiny. Of course, each Phone Holder was crafted with the famous CC logo on the front.

Unnoticed for many Chanel fans, the high fashion brand has released another Phone Holder for the Cruise 2015 Collection. It’s entirely different than the one from the Spring Summer 2014 Pre-Collection, as it doesn’t come with a shoulder strap.

It’s named the Chanel Bull Phone Holder and it works like a hand-held clutch bag. The size is ideal for your smartphones, measuring 3.2 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches. It’s embellished with studs and strass and got three compartments (you can store more than just your phone). The style is mixed with gold, black and beautiful gem-like stones, inspired by the Cruise 2015 theme, the city Dubai.

Now we do not know the prices right now, as soon as we know more, we will keep you informed.

Chanel Bull Phone Holder
Style code: A81004
Size: 3.2 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches



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Chanel Quilted Phone Holder

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Exactly one year ago, Chanel introduced the Phone Holders. They were… very colorful and beautiful, but some people thought they were way overpriced. Honestly, I wouldn’t say ‘no’ if Chanel gave me one. But then again, you could also use it as a small evening shoulder bag.

One thing kept bugging my mind, that is…

‘Chanel, what took you so long?’

Why is everything ‘quilted’, including the recently-introduced Chanel Monster Headphones, but not the Phone Holders?


Well ladies, no worries. They are finally here, presenting Chanel Quilted Phone Holder (I said it with pride! =D).

First of all, everything beautiful at Chanel is never cheap, get used to it. The Quilted Phone Holders come in many colors, crafted in metallic calfskin that gives a shiny effect.

It’s even prettier than the last-years-version, which has a stitched CC logo on the front. The Chanel Quilted Phone Holders are embellished with gorgeous CC logo’s that matches to the color of the leather.

Featuring interlaced chain, the black version is as timeless as the Classic Flap Bag. The interior is made with three phone compartments, measuring 5.9’ x 3.5’ x 1.8’ inches.

For those that love the last-year-version of Chanel Phone Holders, they are back in more colors. The sizes and the leathers are the same.



Chanel Quilted Phone Holders
Style code: A82150
Expected price: $1450 USD, €1000 euro


Chanel Leather Phone Holders
Style code: A92304
Expected price: $1450 USD, €1000 euro

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