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Autumn has arrived, and the onset of winter would be far behind? as the gradual change of the season, boots become street fashion types of plays. If you look you will find, this year most tide brand boots not Jimmy Choo heels, Louis Vuitton, but the famous Christian Louboutin Knee Boots.
Christian Louboutin Knee Boots has always been popular cultural symbol, the streets, the Explorer, is indispensable to fashion culture and symbols. Christian Louboutin Knee Boots also has one great advantage: even if it is already in your foot becomes very old, very old, still can be quite beautiful.Because the relationship of skin, Christian Louboutin Knee Boots material is very sturdy, and very flexible, years and years of wearing boots more and more combined with his master’s leg. So everyone’s shape to the last Christian Louboutin Knee Boots are not the same, as it is your friend.
How to complete a pair of handsome Christian Louboutin Knee Boots to wear the trend of their own personality? Might as well try the following four matching Oh! A black dress up mix a Leopard leggings are Rob mirror! Black Christian Louboutin Knee Boots, side zipper design, exquisite workmanship for you gas full! Now very popular this “under the width on narrow” wear law: thick coat to wear a short skirt dress, matching boots Christian Louboutin Knee Boots and pants, lean and tall! This pair of Brown boots Christian Louboutin Knee Boots in adding stretch position, both warm and easy to let you dress!Commuter dress up is the combination of many Office ladies like Oh! Top dress shows that downloading mix casual trousers and Christian Louboutin Knee Boots, a combination made you rich in charm! To do this in winter wear thin and tall, will wear the. afraid of the cold Lady vest can be replaced with a down jacket. double wide shoelaces on a mix of nubuck leather Christian Louboutin Knee Boots were very good.
Christian Louboutin Knee Boots worn law tips. fashion up to the teacher to remind, in addition to other than a handsome pair of Christian Louboutin Knee Boots, can also take advantage of a special method of wear modified their legs also make Christian Louboutin Knee Boots look even more distinctive.Specific method is as follows-legs enough fine of, enough long of ladies, as far as possible selected and colour close to of Christian Louboutin Knee Boots, Department laces of when millions of cannot to all hole are wearing up, tied was tightly of, as will is bad, modified legs type of method is, exposed part, retained above of two small hole, pine pine to Department laces, effect will comparison good. Now there are a lot of different colors, fabrics of Christian Louboutin Knee Boots, if you do not select the basic words, suggests that the ladies can choose some colored Christian Louboutin Knee Boots, such as bright yellow, red, green, grow, that’s when you can mix color, bright clothes, echoed up and down, so that Christian Louboutin Knee Boots children more highlights tide. When wearing Christian Louboutin Knee Boots laces not very tight, loose feel more leisure, it is recommended that laces in the shoes of the side a knot, as a fixed, looks, in fact, very safe, walk without tripping.

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