Marrakech Gucci Handbags: No Hassles, Just Tassels!

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Gucci handbags like the Marrakech have it all – urban style with a rustic twist. These gorgeous bags have flare to spare!

I’m from the mid-west, and even though I’ve lived in the city since I was a teenager I’m still a country girl at heart. So when I first laid eyes on these Marrakech Gucci handbags it was like I’d discovered a bag that represents me perfectly! Don’t get me wrong, this bag is very modern and very urban, but those gorgeous tassels add just a little bit of cowgirl charm to make this bag truly something special.

Replica Gucci Marrakech Handbag

Unlike a lot of flap bags, the Marrakech’s flap extends all the way down to its base, where the leather strap closure extends underneath and fastens on the other side. It also features three collapsing interior sections with a white textile lining that is so soft, you just need to feel it to believe it!

The best part? Now you can get these Gucci handbags without breaking the bank, thanks to these lovely replica handbags here, at Club Couture. A friend of mine just got hers and she adores it, which is saying a lot because she is very picky about replica handbags!

So check out these lovely bags! Whether you’re a city girl or a country bumpkin (or somewhere in between), they have something for everyone.

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