Valentino Mime Ad Campaign

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I love the summer.

You know, the beach, sea and the sun. And the colorful flowers blossoming everywhere, it gives you a great feeling.

And to alter your fashion to the season, don’t go for the usual black or dark brown. Choose wisely and pick multi-colored outfit. And the handbags made by Valentino are great starts.

Presenting the Mime Ad Campaign, featuring multi-colored dresses and handbags. With artful prints that are ideal for the upcoming season.

Blend yourself with the nature with bright shades like green, white, yellow and red. The sophisticated prints are designed with love and care, which is certainly worthwhile your investment.

The collection includes flower-printed dresses and accessories. Check out the entire line here:

READ: Valentino Mime Bag collection

It even includes flower-prints dresses and accessories.



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