Free Omega Seamaster Replica Watch, This Month, On Club Couture!

What would you say if I told you that Club Couture is giving away a free Omega Seamaster replica watch to all its members? No strings attached, no contest, no raffle. Is their way to make their customer happy when purchasing from their site! Isn’t it great?

The Omega Seamaster replica watches they are offering are really beautiful and they look great on any woman’s wrist. The authentic watches have 11 encrusted diamonds on the dial while these replica watches have 11 Swarovski crystals. This is the only difference I spotted on these watches; all other details are reproduced to perfection. Even the white leather bracelet it’s made of the same type of leather as the authentic watches.

This could be a nice gift to every teenager, girl or woman in search of a beautiful watch. To take advantage of this promotion, all you need to do is sighing up for Club Couture on their site here and make a minimum purchase of $175. You don’t necessarily have to buy designer purses or replica shoes, although that would be a great idea. I own a few of their replica purses and they are to die for!

I know you won’t find the same offer on any other site so hurry up and get your free Omega Seamaster watch!

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