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A huge wave of designer bags is approaching, and it’s best that you go with the flow on this one. Tod’s Wave Bag is another piece to look out for this season, because who doesn’t love a good, sturdy tote? The office diva would appreciate this design very much, because it packs in so much stuff!

The bag is made from hammered leather with alcantara lining. If you could just see the craftsmanship on this thing, you’d be blown-away for sure – some fine details, like the iconic rubber pebbles on the bottom and back pocket, are so cute to look at! Surprisingly, it all works: with the wide front leather band with snap fastening on the sides concealing a double side zipper, and its removable strap. Combine all of these wonderful features together, and voila! Here is the cosmopolitan choice – the Wave Bag.

Measuring 32cm x 27cm x 12cm, you can get your very own Wave Bag for $2165 USD or €1500 EUR, available via Tod’s e-store.

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TOD’S 2013/14 Fall Winter Series Collection

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TOD’S 2013/14 Fall Winter women’s collection adhering to the brand DNA, the Italian style and the “Made in Italy” brand essence of the perfect present. The main product Sella season handbags series has a unique style carved details, profile concise yet elegant charm, distinctive interpretation of a “saddle style” only.

Women’s collection this season is a major highlight of the new Sella ladies handbags series, which epitomizes the TOD’S represent fine fine, understated luxury, elegance and superior quality.

Sella Ladies handbag series is inspired in dressage saddle. Make a selection of leather handbags are brought out every modern luxurious texture, while the crisp and smooth lines of the design but also adds a little brisk meaning, reminiscent of riding a horse mounted on a ridge above the fine saddle.

Inspiration from the equestrian connection is also reflected in the handle of the bag body with metal buckle, they like most of the copper ring connected to the reins and saddle. In addition, the mix of live package and tubular welt seams also create both aesthetic and practical design details.

Sella ladies handbags series consists of three sizes to choose from. Large handbags can be used for shopping bags; medium and small handbags profile shape is more tough.

This series of optional materials include: calfskin, python, crocodile skin, decorated with zebra and leopard pony mane; optional colors include brown, ocher, purple, warm yellow.

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