Another Pair Of Fabulous Louboutins But Still No Replica Bags!

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“Hi Eva ! I love ur blog n been reading ur reviews for quite some time but never had guts to buy replica bags I don’t know Y “stupid of me “of course I read this readers review. I went on the site n simply loved it so I placed an order I ordered “Christian Louboutin privatita platform slingback in gold” for 94$ plus 20$ shipping not bad right? 

After exact 7 days on10th July I was sleeping not expecting my shoes so soon my husband woke me up n said “babe I think they are ur shoes u have no idea I literally jumped off the bed to open it. packing was just perfect I opened the shoe box no chemical smell at all in fact I could smell was leather and shoes were PERFECT the color was not too gold not too dull the mix of silver n gold the red sole was spot on n I know it coz I own three Louboutin. they came with dust bag which looks fake which doesn’t matter to me with heel tips I smiled all day I was in excellent mood thinking I will never buy such expensive shoes .look at the pictures judge for ur self.

PS: EVA ur a replica goddess, I love ur blog, big hug to u, ur a star.

Dear Sasha,

Thanks for writing! Your shoes look great, but what’s really great is how excited you are about them – I just love your enthusiasm! I think you really lucked out with your Louboutins, because good replica shoes are way harder to find than good designer replica handbags. I think yours are near perfect – I say “near” because from the side it looks like the sole is a little crooked, but it’s no biggie.

Oh and that dust bag does look pretty silly! To most people that doesn’t matter too much – it’s usually the same way with replica bags. Anyways, thanks again for your letter, and have fun strutting around in your new heels!

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Beware: Atrocious Replica Purse

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“Eva! I need to vent my rage to you! I tried this site called and they sent me the WORST bag. I don’t even know where to begin! For starters, I ordered a black bag, and this one is clearly purple.

Secondly, the zipper is missing teeth and it is nearly impossible to open this bag or close it. How embarrassing would it be if I wore this out and someone saw me struggling to get it open?! Thirdly, the logo on the inside tag is totally crooked. FOURTHLY, the one time I did take this bag out the handle began to tear where it meets the hardware. Can you believe I’m at “fourthly”?? I could go on until “tenthly” but I think you get the picture! Will you help me tell people to avoid and their awful replica designer handbags? They won’t even write me back anymore!!


Dear Dee,

Yikes! In addition to your very valid complaints, I’m also noticing some glaring problems such as the GG pattern not lining up at the seams. But worst of all is the lumpiness, especially around the base! Usually you find replica purses like these on a street corner in Chinatown, not at a (so-called) high-end replica designer handbags site.

I hope they eventually respond to you and let you send the bag back, although it seems unlikely at this point. For the rest of you out there, don’t buy replica purses

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The designer bags market in USA

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A report about “The designer bags market” forecast, in America, luxury consumer spending will increase of 18% per year, approximately reach $27 billion by 2015 – the USA market will be ranks first in the world.
Qin Xiaojiein bought a COACH of the new package, cost $200, in New York 20011 ” She told that Compared to their monthly income it’s inexpensive, spends about thousand dollars to buy a favorite designer bags, is not a problem.

Vice President of the Central University Liu Huan told reporters, as the USA open increases and the growth in living standards , many customers are choose to buy the original designer bags in the real shop. perhaps it is better to explain those in USA, why people no longer to buy designer bags on Amazon, ebay and bags-onlin eshop.

Department of commerce’s survey, It’s said that watches, bags, clothing, wine, electronic products these five products have 20 luxury brands, 45% higher than in Hong Kong the mainland market, than the United States is 51% higher than France.
In addition to unfair to consumers, the difference not only led to USA underestimated imports but alos lost of large numbers of the customs.
Zhang Hanlin Dean, duiwaijingmaodaxue USA WTO earlier in an interview said, pointed out what is the point of this strange phenomenon hinders normal high-grade consumer goods imports, so that consumers are willing to purchase designer bag on Internet.

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Replica Designer Handbags, Good But Not Great!

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I know a lot of you girls are wondering is a good replica designer handbags site. Well, this is the second review and apparently their knockoff purses aren’t that bad.

“Hi there,

Sending you hugs and best wishes for 2013…thanks a billion for all your hard work and advice, always going out of your way to retail-research for us…thank u thank u thank u..I started off my handies buys by ordering a Gucci Indy from Jessyvogue and am sooo happy with it…have attached some photos (hope they are clear enough)…the draw string is a bit tarnished but overall, I can get away with it lol…”

Gucci Replica Indy Handbag

Honey, you’re very welcome! I’m happy I could help! 

Your designer replica handbags are made of quality leather and the good news is that you can do something about the tarnished draw string. You can use a Krylon leafing pen, it will give a metallic finish that actual resembles metal plating.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever order from this site. I don’t trust knockoff sites which don’t accept credit cards as payment method. This is the first rule when buying replica bags, so you ‘all should be very careful.

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The New Source For Replica Handbags Advice, News And Gossip!

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Take note everyone – we’re moving! Spotbags’ new home, so when you get a chance be sure to update your bookmarks! Naturally, I’m are still your source for reviews and advice on all things to do with designer replica handbags!

You should be redirected automatically from the old address for now, but I just wanted you to know about our new home. The new address again, so if you want to ask questions, review your favorite designer replica handbags, or just say “hi”, this is the place!

These days, not all replica handbags are what they seem! I get tons of letters from readers who thought they were buying leather bags but ended up with PVC or Polyurethane bags instead – not because they were tricked, but rather they just didn’t check before they placed their order.
Artificial leather is more and more common these days, so let’s learn a little more about it so we can all be more savvy shoppers :)
There are two popular types of artificial leather (or ‘pleather’) – PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PU (polyurethane). PVC is not a convincing substitute for grain leathers, but is light and very durable. It generally has a bright sheen and can be easily embossed with a monogram or anything else, such as the Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma.
Replica Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma 

PU is similar, but you can easily apply a fabric print to it to give the illusion that it’s real leather. Some low-grade knockoff handbags use this trick to cut down on costs, but the result is usually not convincing.
Neither PVC nor PU will age the way that that real leather does, meaning that they will not develop a patina.
Note that it’s not just knockoff handbags using these leather substitutes – bags like the Mirroir are authentic designer brands that use these plastics to get a certain look. Some are pretty popular, but personally, I’m not a big fan. Call me old fashioned, but spending over a $1000 for a plastic bag seems wrong! Then again spending that much on any bag seems silly to me – especially when fabulous replica handbags are right at your fingertips!
What do you think of fake leather? Write me and let me know!

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The Great Celine Replica Purse Debate!

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Review of

“Hi Eva,
I know you advised us not to get a replica purse from Bagaholics but I read your comments too late. This arrived today and here it is ^.^ I will have to email you all the pics one by one because I am using my iPhone to send them to you. It looks great and feels great too. I choose the pebbled leather instead of the smooth leather thinking it’s more scratch resistant maybe?

If you look at it closely, there are still flaws, can see a dent very clearly plus I found a lot of dry blue coming out of the holder when I try to pull out the zip.

Replica Celine Bag

Replica Celine Bag

Replica Celine Bag

Replica Celine Bag

Replica Celine Bag

Nice interior. Very smooth material. After all I am happy with my purchase 

My dear,

As long as you love your replica purse, I’m glad you didn’t follow my advice! The leather looks a bit stiff, but you can easily soften it up with some moisturizing cream, works like a charm. Pebbled leather was a good choice!

Now, although I’m glad you like your bag, I have to say that there are much better Celine replica designer handbags out there. In addition to the issues you mentioned (which are troubling) the Celine logo at the top of the bag is out of alignment and a bit bigger than the authentic one. So I’ve got to stick to my guns and advise my readers to stay away from the designer replica handbags 

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