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Red-soled shoes are the signature logo of Christian Louboutin, highlighting beautiful women, quieter and beautiful mature sexy. Shoe soles red painted as a lipstick, people do not consciously want to kiss, coupled with the toes exposed, it is extremely sexy.

If there is a magic red shoes, woman heart so fine and delicate, but also a woman showing off in front of men self-confidence and sexy. Thanks to one of Mr. Christian Louboutin shoes that a woman will fall into a sense of comfort, and he used to use in the design of contrast to express their own ideas. Thin red high-heeled shoes are Christian Louboutin heels label, his experimental art and design in the manufacture of shoes is unique.

Christian Louboutin shoes favorite variety of bright colors, especially the open toe style won him favor with the red logo on the soles of Nama, the performance of the woman with the sexiest high heels, balancing side. No wonder that many stars are even willing to talk to him freely, showed off the red carpet alone is the style of Christian Louboutin.

In the world of Christian Louboutin high heels, this is absolutely the French can not be ignored. It is Europe’s favorite actress! In fact, to ignore also can not ignore, this brand of red to work, women celebrities feet in the red Nama will grab your attention. The unique design is too intelligent, “saw” is a selling point for attractive women, very sexy, very narcissistic Mensao imagine some men to follow their red soles of sight, the women were very willing to pay. “Red Shoes” high degree of recognition is another advantage of free advertising female stars. See the red shoes that Christian Louboutin, no need to find a logo.

Think about it, a woman wearing red shoes, staggered into the street, the pace stepped on a good rhyme, which is a feast for the eyes ah. If a woman wearing high heels paired with a miniskirt, and accompanied by the gentle summer breeze, fluttering sleeves of a dress skirt, long hair floating like a woman, who can say no charm? The famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin once said, “is precisely the high heels make a woman have a healthy, high-heeled shoes because they slowed down so that the distinction between different as the car rolled at least cycling can enjoy the scenery along the way … ”

We can say a woman is not red-soled shoes so as not to miss the value of a landscape he popular? However, women enjoy the countryside where the landscape has become unconscious … …

Red shoes Kogan is a symbol of a woman, a woman from a direct source of superiority. Once heard a woman emotionally “. Women do not wear shoes with red soles, it just do not know why things fashion, “Yes, women in fashion, you have to wear red shoes. Thus, the red-soled shoes of a woman always a bunch of the stack without a woman stand out from the personality, feeling absolutely stand out. Such a woman in a good mood, full of enthusiasm, people scared Cha behavior, even more obsessed with his charm. Thus, a pair of red shoes, emphasizing the overall behavior of a woman, her face, gait, show of hands every move she makes are in the hands of red-soled shoes.

As a result, women began to chase the red-soled shoes. A woman wearing red shoes, step a rhyming song, so that the soles of red shoes with resounding footsteps, playing the melody of the new city, people listen to symphonic fashion. This time, a woman wearing high heels, the charm of temptation, men will seek to recover only gradually do more than traces of trance or dream alone … …

Christian Louboutin has said, a beautiful girl should have at least seven pairs of shoes, like the seven deadly sins, a pair of fun, a pair of flirting, a pair of work clothes, a pair of holiday with a pair of time for the spring night, a pair of never cross and a pair of you do not, not like a pair of shoes, you can remember not always perfect dress.

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